Empowering Individuals to Initiate
Positive Personal & Social Transformations

Learn By Example

Securing a Brighter Future for Young Men


This workshop is intended to provide valuable life skills to young men living in at-risk family households. Countless young men from underserved families are raised by a female family member (mother, grandmother, aunt, etc.). This nonexistence of unswerving, positive male leadership within the home leads to a steady increase in the high school dropout rate, incarceration, crime, unplanned pregnancies and various forms of abuse. 


The absence of positive leadership has a perpetually decimating effect on the families these young men begin to produce. The deconstruction of the futures of our young men is inevitable without this valuable curriculum by way of Learn by Example.


Some of the skills the young men are educated on are as follows:

  • Tie a necktie
  • Eye Contact
  • Proper Handshakes
  • Male Hygiene
  • Healthy Personal Relationships
  • Proper Attire
  • Interview Skills
  • Positive Self Expression
  • Positive Police Interaction
  • Justice System Roadmap